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I am just super stressed out right now. I'm trying to minimize the whining on here, but I just feel so crappy!

Stressing about money, both long term and short term. I have no idea how I'm going to finance my life. I can't find a job for the summer and my computer, which would be my moneymaker otherwise (and no it's not porn, you sicko!), is reduced to shit. I need to pay for my rent, credit card bill, phone bill, server costs, application fees to colleges, and transportation costs ASAP and I barely have $200 right now.

Stressing about my family. They've been really frustrating lately, but it's only because they're all stressed too! My mom is working 3 jobs, my dad can barely get up to do his jobs, and my brother is going to summer school because his counselor said he would pass when his teachers decided not to pass him. As stressful as it can get here, I think it's a much more fun and relaxed environment so going back home is bittersweet, as much as I love them. Also worrying about how I'm going to get TO my home, because of airport difficulties.

Stressing about the future. I still can't find anyone to replace me at our house in Vermont so I have no idea whether or not I'll be going back up there in a couple months. I have no idea if I'll be accepted to the colleges that I want to go to and even if I am, what my financial aid status will be for those. Since it's so good at Vermont, I might be getting into an even worse situation! Even then, I have no idea what I'll be learning - I'm a junior with all of these college credits but can't actually get anywhere because they're just all over the place.

That's my whining for the day, peace out!


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