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Last night Mike's parents commended me on being a tank. My life is complete.

We started out playing Euchre, which is a fucking shitty ass card game if you ask me. I have been in some sort of depressive funk lately and it was just too much for my brain to work with! So I was kind of mopey and those people - gosh they know me so well - bought me alcohol. I drank as much as Mike but held my own fairly well. The worst that happened was loudness and I did kick ass at Extreme Scrabble (we combined two boards together and used two sets of tiles - omg). It was great because I hadn't been drunk in so long.

Talked to my mom a couple times today. It was great earlier in the day, but later on it was just bad. I told her about my plans to move and she wasn't digging it too much. It just made me feel horrible and I think I'm going to up my dosage again - ever since I lowered it I've just been gaaah. I'm so depressed (I hate using that word!) that I am physically sick.

Tomorrow I plan on going to the bank to deposit some cash and cheques, going to the Verizon store in an attempt to trade my Droid Eris for a Motorola Droid (seriously, the Eris sucks), and pack!!! I'm going home on Tuesday!

Also, I just signed up for this site where I can plan my own funeral. What the fuck.


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