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 I had a pretty amazing weekend with Mike and his family. We went up north to go camping, which I was absolutely not excited for because it was supposed to rain and thunder all weekend, I was supposed to be getting my period, and I was pretty hooked on doing work at the moment. I had a minor funk where I really couldn't get up and worried a bunch of people, so I got really frustrated and took double my dosage of Zoloft. (That night that resulted was pretty trippy, by the way - I was up until 4am by myself plotting to rob a grocery store. I even made a robbing list: hanging ferns, pineapples, coconuts, all loose shelves, and whole chickens.)

Despite that embarrassment, I felt a lot better the next day. I hung out with Mike's mom and we played some games. I'm starting to get a lot more comfortable about being alone with her, which is great. It only took five years of seeing her for a couple weeks out of ever year, but I enjoy it now! I hung out with some cows and even drove a tractor! I was pretty fascinated by it and wanted a picture next to the wheel because it was as big as me and the next thing I know, people are telling me to hop on and ride it.

This is what resulted!

More pictures! )

I really like the atmosphere here and being around them. They like to have fun and know how to sit back and enjoy life - something I think I need to work on! I think I'm going to try to spend a weekend up there with just me and Mike, although I suppose he's gone camping so much that it's not nearly as exciting for him!


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