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Yesterday I went to Lisa's house to celebrate Sperm Contributors' Day. I decided to wear an awesome dress that I purchased from eBay - seriously, it was just so flowy and fun and a beautiful shade of red. I felt so confident in it that I played in the yard with Braydyn and blew bubbles. Of course, because they have an awesome in-ground swimming pool that is 10 or 11 feet deep, I was down for some swimming! Once I walked into the bathroom to change into my bathing suit, I glanced in the mirror and admired my figure. Then I felt guilty.

Why is it that we live in a society where it's not really okay to love your body? I'm 5 feet tall and weigh 135 to 140 pounds - according to my BMI, that falls in the category of being overweight. However, if I lost 5 or 10 pounds, I would not qualify to donate blood. I have a pudgy belly, my thighs alone probably account for half of my body weight, and I am barely a B cup...yet I love it. I don't think I'm too narcissistic about it because really, it's just a body. How much of that defines who my person is? I don't exude confidence, but I'm not going to constantly bring myself down and search for the "perfect" me. I wish that all of the women in my life - women who are SO beautiful, strong, independent, and yet a little curvy - could realize that they are beautiful and stop beating themselves down over it. I've been doing it for a decade and it has done me no good! I am so happy that finally, after never really loving my physical being, I've somehow become happy with my body.


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