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 Am I apologizing because I'm back or because I was absent? Anyway. I had abandoned this because I was fairly sure that I wanted to host my own blog under my own domain name, but I realized that that option is far too public and not anonymous enough. Not that I'm trying to conceal my identity on here, but it is easier for me to write here about meaningless bullshit because I am under the impression that very few people read this.

So. Where have I been since July 2, 2010? That was about a month ago - I got a new laptop since then! I've also started making all of the necessary arrangements to move to Akron - I can't believe I'm actually doing it! I just got back from visiting for a couple of days and it was pretty great. I know I'll miss the whole Burlington attitude, but it will be nice to live somewhere where there are more people than cows. I actually think I found a townhome that I want to rent in a really nice neighborhood, but it is about $800 a month and our budget was originally $600 a month max. This was before Mike started working - he just got a full-time job for an up-and-coming company and it seems really promising.

Of course nothing happens with me that doesn't come with drama. My family has been arguing with me about it and apparently I am being accused of digging my father into an early grave. There was absolutely no point where I considered asking them for financial help (which they did give me during my time in Burlington), but they wholeheartedly disapprove anyway. They think I'm being too extravagant in living in a townhome but I know what my priorities are and I cannot live in an apartment ever again. It was horrible on my mental health and I was in an awful state for the last 2 years. So right now I'm stressing out because I'm too stubborn to even want them in my life at this point (For the record, they are still my family and I love them. They're just a little loony.) so I don't want them to pay for anything. I have no idea how I'm going to be a full-time student, work part-time, manage living in a townhome, build up savings, have a pet, and possibly get a car. It's going to be hectic. But I stand resolute on the no-apartment deal.

So! Most of my classes are picked out and it sucks ass. They accepted most of my credits, but apparently my biology and chemistry classes aren't going to be accepted for my biochemistry major. They're accepted for general education requirements, but not the major requirements even though I took the highest bio/chem courses at my university. As if I didn't enjoy them the first two years! (Yes, I had to repeat. Note the mental health statement in the previous paragraph.) It pisses me off, but what can you do. I'm going to be in school forever.


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