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Nita ([personal profile] nitalala) wrote2010-08-13 11:28 pm
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More waiting

I'm pretty sure that all I do anymore is wait. I'm moving out in exactly one week - hooray! Well it's not going to be fun to drive from Philadelphia to Burlington to Akron somehow...I still haven't worked that out yet. It may either be Philadelphia -> Burlington -> Akron or it can be Philadelphia -> Burlington -> Philadelphia -> Akron and then my parents will have to drive back to Philadelphia anyway. Either way, it's going to be long and grueling and I don't think I have enough '80s tunes to last the entire trip.

So, I've been job hunting. I'm pretty desperate right now, although it turns out that I only have to pay $500 a month for tuition, give or take. It's still a ton but that's a lot less than I expected. Hopefully I can get more grants and whatnot next semester and I will barely have to pay anything! That would be beautiful! I'm going to really have to work out my budget. Off to it is.

OH YEAH, did I mention I wanted a job?

BAAH I am everywhere today. :)